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Water marks and surface scratches

Water marks and surface scratches

Why we do it:

There are so many high quality, interesting piece of furniture already in existence! There are plenty of reasons to refinish old pieces. Sometimes the finish is damaged, and other times it’s a lovely piece but it needs a makeover to better fit your aesthetic. You’ll be amazed at how much it changes the look of a piece when you paint it! When old furniture is approached with a bit of imagination we have the opportunity to give it new life and saves it from potentially ending up in a landfill. The result is one of a kind furniture for your home.

How we do it

Every commission is different and our approach depends on our consultation with the client. If we are changing a wood tone or if there are previous layers of paint it will require stripping and sanding before stain or paint treatment. When furniture is in relatively good condition the first step is often to sand the entire thing, lightly scuffing the glossy finish to give the paint better adherence. This is also an opportunity to evaluate the furniture more closely. Next it’s washed and either painted (milk or mineral paint) or stained. We almost always sand the paint before sealing it with Hemp oil and wax afterwards. Sanding the paint is labor intensive but it’s what makes the furniture so touchable and smooth so we think it’s well worth the effort.

Gorgeous transformation with mineral paint and new hardware.

Gorgeous transformation with mineral paint and new hardware.


What are you waiting for?

We know you think your grandmother might cringe about us painting her antique china cabinet… but clearly you don’t love their original look if you’re still reading this! Honor her memory by keeping it around, but let us give it the update it deserves!

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