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Failure to Launch

"Hey Amy, I heard that thing you tried to pull off this summer flopped! You're such a loser."  Said no one, thankfully.  Even if they did, I still feel good moving forward with a project that will do good in the community and connect people in a unique way.  I mean, what else are we doing here but striving to find creative ways of connecting with and supporting each other.  The fear of failure rarely stays my hand when I want to try something.  I know sometimes initially failure comes before the inevitable success.

Try to tell that to yourself when you're in the MIDST of failure though.... HA!  That's why you confide in people or hire a professional to talk you through it.  I was fortunate to find myself a great coach by reaching out to a former client of mine.  

Let me either refresh your memory or bring you into the loop.  Early this year I started working on a community project to benefit refugees and bring creatives in the community together.  


The idea:

  • Obtain a shipping container.
  • Convert shipping container into a service and retail space.
  • Get graffiti artists to paint wicked murals all over it.
  • Create opportunities for creative people to aid refugees and immigrants with their skills.
  • Tour Winnipeg's Festivals offering hair services and local goods with profits going to benefit IRCOM's (Immigrant Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba) programs.

That's the short version.  For a more detailed description of our plans you can visit 

The intended venue ended up falling through with a little over a month notice.  Basically, it was impossible to find another venue with built in foot traffic that would host us for a week on such short notice.

While my partner in this project was disappointed, I mostly felt relief.  We were sorely lacking in sponsorship due to the our inexperience and short timeline.  I am also a new business owner trying to get on my feet and at the time was prepping my house to sell it.  Oh yeah, and I had a regular free lancing gig on top of that.

I took the month of August off and let my head float in the clouds.  September brought on some panic as I started to look into grants and realized that we needed to be a Charity in order to qualify.  There is a lot of legal stuff to look into still and decisions to make that will affect the long term direction of this project that I'm taking time to consider.

What I do know is that I'm not going to let a little delay cause me to derail.  The shipping container has already been acquired and plans will move forward for next year.  I can't wait to start talking about this project to everyone who'll listen again and actively working on making it a reality.  I have learned to let go, and to ask for help this year more than ever.  It's never easy, but it's always worth it. We are better together ---- Whether you were born here, immigrated, or came here seeking refuge, I want to work with and for you to make OUR lives better and brighter.



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