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Accountability, we all need it sometimes

So, as is obvious with my lack of consistency to this point I need some accountability structure and support system.  I have a lot of goals!..... which is part of the problem.

An ADHD mind is a magical place full of possibility and great ideas, subjectively speaking of course.  It also means that I have more energy than the average person, and have with I call "antinyourpants-itis."  I can't sit still. My friends know this about me and in general I forget that it is even abnormal to get up and leave the room to tend to various things while having company over.  Erratic jumps in conversation from topic to topic are the norm, and commonly viewed as entertaining though from time to time cause frustration to my peers when I am interrupting.  In general, I have wonderfully patience friends who allow for my sometimes inappropriate style of conversing.

I have tried numerous different solutions to my ADHD marks that I perceive to be in the way of personal and professional success. Smart phones have fixed my triple booking woes, color coded timed itineraries help my through the day, and I write with dry erase markers on my mirrors and microwave reminders that I think I'll need when I'm in each respective location.  Between the sticky notes, dry erase markers and lists I'm often just transferring the information to multiple places without taking the steps to complete them, or even breaking down the tasks to make them less overwhelming. 

I am looking outside of myself now to create an accountability system.

It has a been my habit to always share my plans with people publicly.  I do find this a useful accountability tool because, for one, just even verbalizing a plan makes it more real. Another reason it works when properly used is that I don't like the feeling when someone follows up with me about something later and all I've done is talk about it.  I try not to just spew ideas with no follow-through, successfully comes in varying degrees.

To find a group of like-minded and driven people to keep in regular communication with is another one of my active pursuits.  I have a girlfriend that I have started to meet with to goal set and check in weekly.  It's useful to have to answer to someone other than myself on hitting the target.  Both of us are at such an early stage that I am looking to include people that are farther along in their businesses.  In the research I've done over the years, I'm told that we have to have something to offer this or these people in order for it to be of benefit to them to participate.

This week, I create some value to approach my friend Sara Clark with in hopes that she be willing to participate on some level in or group.  Sara wanted to create some income while being on maternity leave, with the potential of replacing her job.  Instead of doing what I did and drowning myself in research and planning, Sara just did it!  She created products and opened up shop on Etsy.  Her work has evolved and so have her selling methods as she consistently participates in local pop-up shops and sells from her own website now.  Less talk, more action, that's my girl.



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