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Much time has passed...

So much time has passes since I've done much about this webpage except feel the a very moderate amount guilt about not maintaining it.  The truth is, everything else in my life reeked of neglect or screamed at me to demand my attention.... and I got distracted with a few things.

I spent 6 month in the picturesque town of Perth, Ontario learning skills and techniques to make studio furniture.  It was an amazing environment that allowed me to focus on my studies without any of the usual distractions from my life back home.  I can back home looking for work and landed 3 jobs in the next month! I went from underemployed to over-employed... and after 3 weeks of doing them all I hesitantly let one go.  I couldn't feel more relieved!  

I am happy to be gainfully employed in company of hard working goofs.  We like to make sh*t and have fun.  

I am intent on working on my house and documenting it for you this year so I can appreciate the process a little more.  I am usually flying through things so quickly that I hardly stop to admire my hours spent.  There is also the problem that I have with half finished projects and this is a way of keeping accountable.  Sooo see you soon!

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