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Good Mourning America

A nation in mourning after yesterdays Presidental race election. Well, half a nation anyway.  Y'all are going to have to strap in and get ready for a wild ride on a toupe.  I have to honest though, a toupe WOULD actually look better than what he's got going on there.  I can't help but wonder how long he's been seeing his current stylist.  You think he's been more loyal to his hair dresser than his wives?  To be a fly on the wall during those services...

Knowing that this will be a time of intense stress and pressure in the states, I hope that we will use this opportunity to reflect.  As Canadians we feel comfort in knowing that we will never go to this extreme, we're just not that extreme of people.  However I don't think that means that we're clear of social responsibility.  Just because we've got a crazy cousin down south lighting his own hair on fire doesn't mean that we are entitled to pat ourselves on the back for living in a country with beautiful diverse geography, ample fresh sources of drinking water, and a "generally" tolerant population.  We owe more to ourselves and to those without a voice in other nations.  

In the midst of angry chatter in the media, businesses and streets I find myself a more annoyed at the people doing the whining than the current issue.  We can do better, talk is cheap.  

What enrages you?  Me personally, I got a lot or rage and you're about to find out about it next week.


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