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Life changing


I recently read “The life changing magic of tidying up,” and… it’s starting to change my life!  I now have an underwear drawer that I worry makes me look like a serial killer with my gitch and socks folded up into little squares, standing vertically so I can see them all at a glance.  I got rid of the majority of my clothes and for once in my life my hamper doesn’t feel like my secret mountain of debt that I’m living under. 

I’ve always been a little cut-throat about purging, but in the last few years I’ve gotten a soft or sentimental.  I also bought a house so I felt justified hoarding for my hobbies.  This book by Marie Kondo has given me permission and inspiration to let go of some things that were no longer giving me joy. 

Now, I live with two other humans and believe me if I could throw out 2/3 of their possessions as well I would.  However, that’s not going to be good for our relationship and Marie touches on this topic in the book, noting her own errors with this in the past.  I think it would probably just perpetuate the squirrel piles around the house if they lived in fear of my catharsis cleaning. 

I feel more mental clarity now that I’ve started the process.  I’ve taken a few truckloads of things to the dump and thrift store. I just smile as I decline the discount coupons for the donations.  No thanks, I don’t need any more things! Except pants, the one pair I kept are so tattered that I can’t even pretend that it’s part of my edgy style anymore.  That is a topic for another day though.

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