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As usual long absences with much happening in between them it's hard for me to know where to start. I ended up getting that opportunity to run the pop-up shop, Yay! Unfortunately, I couldn't take it since it started so late in the summer and goes for 3 months.  However, like a good little future entrepeneur, I pursued multiple opportunities at once and another one came my way. This weekend I'm going to be a vendor at Shelmerdine's (formerly a garden center but they have expanded so much in their gift shop, home decor, and clothing that the dropped "garden center" from the name) local market weekend.  In the end, the other one would have been an amazing opportunity if I was ready to open a business soon, but as it turns out I am going out of province at the end of this month to pursue some training in furniture. 

I've been stressing, fretting, and chewing my nails over this whole thing nonetheless. It's going to be amazing and I have the good fortune of having talented friends and a supportive family to help me along the way. The main fear is just of the unknown. So, going forward being aware of this I can be comforted in that it means I'm entering new territory and a little discomfort means I'm growing, and that after I've got one market under my belt I'll be unstoppable. Well... maybe not, but I'll certainly have more confidence for the next round.

I surrender to the process, see you on the other side.



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