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Edmund's before shot

So it's been over 8 months since I got this piece on Kijijii. For a while there I was just accumulating furniture to the point that my home became an uncomfortably crowded place to live in.  Fortunately, I have wonderfully skilled and generous parents who built me a shed in my yard to store my "inventory" in.  I am grateful to have folks in my life that support me doing something I'm passionate about.



First, I removed the two appliques that you can see the halo from on either side.  They were ugly and made the piece look dated.

I washed this piece of furniture down with TSP.  I'm not sure if it wasn't diluted enough but had I known it would create such an inconsistent finish I would have stripped instead.

I chose Amy Howard Chalk paint because of it's low prep requirements. Let's be honest though, I still sanded it after the TSP ate away too much finish. 

Anyway, it's coming along beautifully, if not a little Beetle Juice influence. 

More pictures to come soon!

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