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Bow and Arrow

Everything made here has a high level of craftsmanship and is made from a place of passion.  I'm as much about the process as I am the product so, Bow & Arrow doesn't rush work.  I make sure that you know that the time I'm taking to do the work means that it has been carefully considered from all angles.

Handmade wood furniture and home goods.  I'm focused on being sustainable by sourcing domestic woods and creating work that stands the test of time in design and durability. 

Why not surround yourself with things that spark your imagination and elicit joy when you use them? 

Life is better when we surround ourselves with beautiful, carefully considered things.  Less is more.  Enjoy and appreciate the things that you have taken the time to seek out and choose to bring into your home.


"Something I always hear other people say about me is that I'm a passionate person.  It's true, I care a lot about the work that I'm doing and how I spend my time.  It's not only about the results, the methods matter to me. I care how it happens as much as what is happening.  

Working with hand tools is important to me.  It's quieter, cleaner, and requires my full attention.  The feedback I get from my tools informs the work that I am doing.  I am so much more in touch with my medium because I use sharp tools in place of power tools for many aspects of my work."

I appreciate you coming in today to have a look around. Please contact me when you're ready to get started customizing the surroundings in your home.